Cedar Pointe Learning Academy

The mission of Cedar Pointe Learning Academy:

Cedar Pointe Learning Academy (CPLA) partners with parents to bring a comprehensive approach to education, giving each child an individual experience for academic excellence.  We believe that curiosity and passion should drive children to find their unique path in life. When given the space and appropriate guidance children can learn throughout their lifetime and make real change in the world.
Cedar Pointe Learning Academy is a unique K- 5th Grade school using innovative learning methods. The class size is limited to an average of 15 students. This ensures that every student has their individual needs met. CPLA is a new microschool using proven methods not utilized in most public schools to maximize learning and retention in a safe environment. 

Faith in God
Helping children find and deepen their relationship with God helps them to understand the world around them. Teachers of Cedar Pointe Learning Academy are able to present a better understanding of life with the ability to teach about God. We believe that God gives each child a purpose and they should be able to discover their passions and talents knowing there is a God who loves them. This is the glue holding our program together; it is why we serve, why we love, and why we persevere.

Mastery Based Approach
Students have individual needs and are guided through the appropriate skills to build knowledge. This begins with fundamental reading and math skills. Students will present projects and portfolios to show their mastery learning. As they approach the level of excellence in each skill, students will show their work and it will be added to their portfolio for parents to see. Teachers will provide small group instruction alongside comprehensive, individualized technology programs and hands-on learning to help students succeed.

Multi-age Level Classrooms
Students learn to work with peers of all ages and encourage each other along the way. This key value promotes self advocacy, guiding students to take responsibility for their learning. This will help students leave our school with the ability to voice their needs in group situations and relationships with people of all ages and abilities.

Service to Community
Jesus teaches us to love with compassion and serve others before ourselves. This is put into practice right in our community. We will work hard to solve local problems with service projects and volunteer opportunities.

Family Centered Learning 
We believe that family involvement is essential to each child’s development and learning. We encourage parental involvement in our school with volunteer opportunities, the ability to visit your children, and to spend time in our facilities.

Meet the Teacher!

Academy Director and Elementary Teacher- Lachelle King

Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Licensed Kindergarten-6th grade
Master’s degree in Reading Education
Certification for Academic Language Therapist (in process)

I am so excited to be on this  adventure with Cedar Pointe Church! I am a mother of three boys 20, 18, and 15 years old. I love hanging out with my family and camping any time we can. I enjoy exploring new hobbies and being outside. I have been in the education field since 2009 when I started as a substitute teacher in the Derby School system. I graduated from Southwestern College and became a first grade teacher, which at the time was my dream job! After several years in that position God gave me a passion for older elementary students. I spent 2 years teaching 5th graders before I felt a need to really understand how kids learn to read. This led me to get both my masters degree and to become a reading specialist! I LOVE teaching kids how to read and believe that God gave me a gift to see what kids need and understand how to move them forward. It is my goal for my students to love learning and to realize that they have been given a gift by God that they can use to change the lives of the people around them!

-Lachelle King
Tuition and Fees

Elementary (K-5th) Tuition


Paid over 10 months

Middle School (6th grade only)$4800/yr

Paid over 10 months

Onetime Non refundable Enrollment fee: $100
Curriculum fees: $300/yr

Sibling Discount - 10% (First child is full tuition, each subsequent sibling is 10% off)
Military Discount- 5% off tuition of first child

CPLA wants to do everything we can to make our school affordable for all families. We can provide a list of scholarships and grants available to students. These are separate entities, the school does not apply for or provide scholarships at this time.

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is open! We are currently accepting new students up to 6th grade. For more info please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

The school can be reached at (316) 682-6006 ext. 103. Lachelle King can be reached by email at Lachelle@CedarPointeBC.org.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a microschool? 
A microschool is an independent learning facility with no more than 200 students K-12th grades that contain mixed ages in classes of very few students. Class sizes are kept at a minimum. CPLA will have no more than 18 students per class. Microschools give students more freedom to learn and grow and allows teachers to focus on an individual child's needs.

How can I trust such a new model of school?
This is not necessarily a new model. One room school houses, Montessori, and many more related models across the country have shown that students' academic and social/emotional growth is beyond that of peers in public schools. CPLA has put a new spin on what is already working for many small schools across the world.

Is CPLA a Christian school? 
Yes. CPLA does teach the Bible and believes that every child is created by God for a specific purpose. CPLA will devote time daily to these beliefs and the teachings of Jesus. Family and church are important pieces of a child’s life and it is the goal of CPLA to support these with our learning community.

Are special needs served at Cedar Pointe Learning Academy? 
While we would love to have students with special needs in our school there are some needs that we cannot meet at this time. The director of the program is specialized to treat and work with Dyslexic students, but is not Special Needs qualified. Our school operates with very minimal staff and our students must be independent learners. This means that we are unable to accommodate most “special needs”. However, please feel free to contact the school and talk to a staff member who can go over details.

What if I decide to send my child back to public schools? 
If an elementary school or 6th grade student goes back to public schools the transition may be difficult after the freedom and learning styles we explore. However, if that is the best decision for the family, Kansas Public Schools would place the student based on age and they will be given the same placement and academic testing that all other students are given. Other schools across the country may have different expectations for incoming students.

What parent participation is expected?

We do have an expectation that families will participate in student learning, reading nightly, and communicating about what learning is happening. This means that parents and students will become part of our community and be cared for by said community. While we do want all parents to volunteer their time, there is no requirement. We will have several family nights, conferences, and other events that students will need to attend and volunteer at themselves. This is “our school”, parents and students alike, so participation is appreciated but not required.

How will my child learn with so many grade levels in one class?
We take pride in our multiage classrooms and understand that it is very different from public schools. We see the positive impact that older and younger students working collaboratively can have. Our younger students are taught to utilize the help of older students and our older students are taught patience and humility. Not only that, older students helping others to understand the material means that they truly understand it themselves. Public schools are one of the only places where children are so separated by age; this is not a realistic practice in adulthood. We are working to prepare children for their future in careers and various jobs while also learning to work together with many generations. Developmental stages are critically important and we find that several age groups together benefit all parties involved. Rules and boundaries will be set up to ensure that students are successful.

What are the requirements a child must meet to be accepted into Kindergarten at CPLA?

  • Students MUST be 5 years old before May 31st to attend . This is different from public schools because we believe that students deserve the best chance at learning and emotional responses. Studies out of Stanford in 2017 show that kids that start school after the age of 6 years old did better throughout their school years with self control and academic achievement.
  • Students must be able to do all bathroom requirements without the help of an adult. This means using the restroom, wiping, and dressing themselves. 
  • Students should be able to use a fork and spoon.
  • Students should be able to recognize and write their name (in some form or fashion).
  • Students should be able to count the number of words in a sentence.
  • Students should be able to recognize rhyming words.
  • Students should be able to speak in complete sentences.
  • Students should be able to say or sing the alphabet.
  • Students should be able to recognize and name basic shapes. (circle, square, triangle, rectangle).
  • Students should know basic colors (red, blue, yellow, etc.)
  • Students should be aware of people's emotions by looking at what their face or body language says.
  • Students want to play with friends.

Why are the Kindergarten requirements so specific?
We want the best for every student that comes through our doors. This means that there might be times kids are not ready for school yet. That is OK; everyone is different and we want kids to start off on the right track. Our goal is for kids to not only be able to succeed academically but more importantly, in life. Kids who are not ready for Kindergarten tend to struggle throughout their school years with self control and emotional regulation.

Will my child’s learning style be taken into account?
Learning style is one of the most important and often overlooked pieces of a students academic progress. We will help them find their learning styles and they will be given choices about the best way for them to learn particular skills. We are teaching a love of learning and the only way for them to love learning is to love how they learn. We want to fit school to the child not the child to the school.

What will my child be learning in Social Studies, Science, and other subjects?
All students will be given CORE learning time for reading, writing, and math. This time will include small group instruction at the students level. Students will also be given opportunities to learn cooperatively with explorations, science, social studies, and other subjects. Mystery Science will be used to guide students in some scientific inquiries. We will follow the Kansas State Standards for Social Studies. A scope and sequence of those subjects, skills, and projects will be emailed to enrolled student parents or upon request of prospective families.

Will my child be getting adequate time with the teacher?

Yes! In fact every student will get small group time with the teacher for Math and Reading daily. Plus, with smaller class sizes students will have a more relaxed access to teacher support in all areas. Not only that, we also have amazing volunteers that come and work with students on projects, explorations, and reading.

What is offered to help a child that is behind or struggling?

We offer small group instruction, small class sizes, multiple age level classrooms, and mastery learning. We can help with struggling students because we individualize the school experience for kids. The director specializes in Dyslexic and reading intervention and can help with any of these specific needs.
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