Daily Devotion: September 13th 2021

A Guide to Devotions

Devotions are meant to be a tool for you to study the Bible, God’s word, reflect upon it, and apply it to your life. You can read more than just what the devotion suggests. Your reflections and prayers may be much more in depth and longer than what is on the page. There is no limit to your time with God. Spend as much time as you feel led. Enjoy that time, and dive deeper into your relationship with the Lord!

Monday September 13th

Read: Joshua 6

Learn: Joshua was the leader of the Israelites after Moses. He led the people into the promised land of Canaan. The first big test of the Israelite people came in the form of the city state Jericho. Joshua received a visit from the commander of the Lord’s armies who instructed him on exactly how to deal with Jericho. Despite all of this, it took great faith for Joshua to do exactly as God commanded him. He probably sounded silly when he came back to the people with the instructions he had been given. But he faithfully followed God’s commands, even when it seemed like a ridiculous thing to do.

Reflect: Do you remember a time in your life where God told you to do something that may have seemed silly or foolish to other people? Are you willing to follow God in the future even if what He is telling you to do seems ridiculous or doesn’t make sense to you?

Pray: God strengthen my faith. Help me to follow you and your will even when it doesn’t make sense to me or those around me. Give me opportunities today to make a difference in your Kingdom. I want to follow you no matter what. In Jesus name, Amen.




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