Daily Devotion: October 21st 2021

Thursday October 21st

Read:  Genesis 22

Learn:  For many it’s a familiar story, Abraham is tested to sacrifice his son Isaac to the Lord. On the way up the mountain, Isaac asks where the sacrifice is. Abraham in verse 8 replied to him, “God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.” There are several things from the events in this story of Abrahams life that we should take note of. First is that he was called by God to do something, an act or mission so to speak. It also flew in the face of human wisdom. Isaac was Abrahams only son and Abraham was very old; it was a miracle that he had a child already and God was asking him to sacrifice him. Second is that Abraham obeyed God. There was no hesitation, he didn’t second guess the mission or direction in which he was called towards. The third thing to take note of is that Abraham knew God would provide for him for what he was calling him to do. This is perhaps what drove Abrahams decision to act so swiftly in the first place, he trusted God to provide. We are no less important and no different than Abraham though, we are each called by God to unique missions. Because of this God promises to provide for us, it may not look like we expect, but God will provide for us. We must not forget our calling and mission to reach the world with the Good news. Its in our obedience to our calling that Gods provision comes to us, just like for Abraham.

Reflect: With reading this story of Abraham and Isaac, is there a calling from God that I have not faithfully walked in? Am I waiting on the provision of God before I accept his calling and mission?

Pray: Lord God, please refocus me toward you, and help me realize that provision comes through obedience, but its once we obey you. Give us the faith to follow you, the courage to lead others to you and the compassion to love those who need you. In Jesus name, Amen.




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