Daily Devotion: October 15th 2021

Friday October 15th

Read: Matthew 6:25-34

Learn: Throughout this week we have been learning the importance of slowing down and prioritizing things that are important. The number one argument against a slowed down lifestyle is the need to work to provide for ourselves and our families. While it is important that we work hard and practice excellence in all we do, we must also stay out of a mindset that says we have to do these things or else we won’t be provided for. Ultimately God is our provider. Sometimes He chooses to provide for us with work opportunities. Sometimes He provides in other ways. The point is, we must realize that it is God who provides for us and not our employer. You would not have the opportunities you have without God’s will. Your gifts, skills, talents, even your very existence is owed to God!

If you have become so busy with work that you are neglecting spending time with God, then work has become an idol for you. Likewise, if your job is causing you to neglect time with your spouse or children, then it has become a stumbling block for you. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your work situation. Perhaps you need to take some time off. Perhaps you need to work less hours. Perhaps you need a different employer. If work has become an excuse for sin in your life, something needs to change now.

Some of us work jobs that don’t have a paycheck attached. We work as parents. We work around the house. We fill our time with the work of managing our household, finances, chores, and errands each week. We work as volunteers for community organizations, church, or our kids’ activities. This work is commendable, but just like paid work, it can still become a hindrance to our relationship with God and with others. If that is the case, we need to make a change.

Reflect: Is your job an idol? Is the busyness of work and activities causing you to sin by neglecting time with God, your spouse, and your kids? What can you do this week to make a change to your work in the interest of spending more time with God, your spouse, and your children?

Pray: God, give me the wisdom to make good decisions regarding my work activities. Give me the faith to understand and trust that you will provide for me even if I need to cut back on work hours. Give me opportunities to have a healthier balance of time spent working and time spent with you as well as my loved ones. In Jesus name, Amen.




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