Daily Devotion: October 2nd 2021

Saturday October 2nd

Read: John 15:1-17

Learn: Jesus opens this passage with a picture of a vine and vine dresser. God will take away the dead branches and will prune the branches who are producing so that even more fruit will come. If you are a dead vine, you will be cast out, but if your life produces fruit, you will be pruned so you can produce more. Pruning isn’t easy. It is often painful. But it is necessary. When we are dealing with the pain of trials in our lives, we must be bold and go to God in prayer. In verse 7 Jesus says if we abide in Him, we may ask whatever we wish, and it may be granted. Does that mean Jesus is going to give you that new car you have been praying for? No. Why? Because if that is what you are asking for, chances are you are not abiding in Him. TO abide in Christ is to seek His will, not your own, believing that His will is better than anything you could ask for. God will give you the desires of your heart when you abide in Him, when you follow His will. But these desires are not selfish wants. They are desires that God puts within us. Jesus wants us to live a fulfilled, joyful life. This doesn’t guarantee an easy life, remember the pruning I mentioned before? One of the ways we live joyfully is by exercising love in our lives. At the end of this passage Jesus commands us to love one another. This command is for our own good. We can exercise love because of God who first loved us. As it says in verse 16, we did not choose Him, He chose us. Therefore, let us be bold, and know that whatever we ask of God in the name of Jesus, according to His will, it will be granted.

Reflect: Do you believe God’s plan is the best plan for your life? Are you trying to follow your own plans instead of God’s? What would happen if you surrendered completely to God’s will, praying boldly for Him to work in your life?

Pray: God, will you show me what your will is for my life. I understand that sometimes you will only give me my next step. Help me to be satisfied with that. I will seek to follow your will and not my own from now on. Give me the courage to pray boldly in the name of Jesus for your will to be done in my life! In Jesus name, Amen.




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