Daily Devotion: October 9th 2021

Saturday October 9th

Read: Hosea 12:6, Psalm 37:7, Micah 7:7, Isaiah 8:17

Learn: Repeatedly we see the Old Testament authors tell others to wait on the Lord. Clearly, they knew the nature of God and trusted in His timing. These were people who had a close relationship with God and were tasked with telling others about Him. Through their writings we get a deeper understanding of the nature of God. Surely if these authors thought it so important to repeat the encouragement of wait on the Lord, we should heed their words.

Reflect: If the Old Testament authors believed waiting on God was important, should you as well? How would your life change if you decided, once and for all, that you were going to trust in God’s timing and wait patiently for Him in all things?

Pray: God, will you give me the patience to wait on you and trust in your timing? I desire for you to radically change my heart. I commit from now on to trust in you, and to wait on you to work your plan in my life. In Jesus name, Amen.




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