Daily Devotion: October 11th 2021

Monday October 11th

Read: Mark 1:21-39

Learn: In this narrative in the gospel of mark, we read of Jesus displaying the Divine authority which he had over an unclean spirit that was in a man, additionally Jesus’ abilities to heal and free many others from sickness and oppression. We also acknowledge that though Jesus had healed “many” He did not heal “all”. Due to all these great works that Jesus was doing (ministry) we saw in the text that He had started to gain fame and win many over to liking Him. Despite this fame and traction Jesus was getting; something that stood out greatly in these texts was Jesus’ abilities and willingness to slow down ministry and busyness, to find time to rest and commune with the Father. He understood that even though he could heal everyone and keep being helpful to the people; that He himself must rest and find time to be in communion with God the Father, so He made the decision to slow down ministry and rest which then led Him to stay on mission instead of being distracted with continual good tasks of ministry by meeting the needs and demands of the crowd. We live in a culture that is very taxing and draining due to all its expectations and demands which at times are good things. We must learn to slow down life and all its demands so that we can just be with Jesus as He was with the Father.  

Reflect: Can you think of things in your life (good and bad) that may be draining you and keeping you distracted from the most important thing in life (which is to be in communion with Jesus)? What things has God been bringing to your attention that he has communicated are red flags for your spiritual growth and focus that He has called you to free yourself of?

Pray: Jesus you are my source of everything. Teach me your ways that I may live a life free from the sin of busyness and forsaking rest and communion with you. Help me to see your gift of rest and spiritual focus as your grace and love towards me. In Jesus name, Amen.

-This Devotion was written by Terach Antoine, Associate Pastor of Family Ministry




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