Daily Devotion: October 19th 2021

Tuesday October 19th

Read: Numbers 14:39-45

Learn: As a father, I wonder if the investment that I make in my daughter will be solid enough to help her through life’s storms. Will the investment be a pleasant memory? As a husband, am I giving my wife the support she needs? Am I loving her as Christ loves the church? Will my labors be enough to support the family financially? At work, will I be enough for my peers to find me honorable? Can I do my duty to God, my family, my church, my country? The pressure of life is always asking “Am I enough?”

It also often tells me, “You can’t, you’re not enough.”

All I can ever do is agree, but I don’t agree in defeat. I must trust that Jesus will complete what is lacking. I know this as I look back and see the failures in my life and the victories I’ve enjoyed. When I see the past, I see these failures as a testament that Christ is enough. If I try it without Jesus I fail, if I wait on Him, I see victory.

Moses has so many stories. We know the one about Pharaoh, the plagues and the slaves. We also know that Moses felt like he wasn’t enough. After all he argued with God about his inadequacy, but God was enough to create the victory. Look at this story about Moses in Numbers 14. This story I feel, is forgotten or at least glossed over. This is after the spies; the lack of faith and the judgement God gave of 40 years in the wilderness. A few Hebrews try to take the promised land on their own and fail. After all, God promised this land and they were very sorry. Surely God would bless them with the promise. The Amalekites and Canaanites defected and chased the Hebrews off. The Hebrews failed; they were not enough. Even if God has promised you something, you are not enough to make His promise a reality. You must allow God to be enough for the promise to be real.

This is also a beautiful picture of Jesus Christ.

Reflect: Jesus warns us that life is hard and that we are not enough. “For all have sinned...” (Romans 3:23). Jesus has promised us the promised land of Heaven, through His grace and sacrifice. He has completed the work. All we must do is trust and rest in Jesus. If we think that we can get to Heaven because of what we do, like the Hebrews who did not wait on God, we will fail. We must wait, rest and trust on Jesus to be with us. He is enough, and only He is enough.

Prayer: Jesus, I pray that I rest and trust in You, learning that you are enough. In Jesus name, Amen.

-This devotion was written by Wayne Pearmain, Deacon.




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