Daily Devotion: October 7th 2021

Thursday October 7th

Read: Job 1

Learn: Job was a man that all who lived amongst him would have looked up to. Not only because he was a successful man, but because he feared and honored the Lord God with everything he possessed. In this narrative, we read of a man who did the best he knew to follow God in a way that would always please God. He went as far as offering sacrifices for sins that he believed that his children might have committed against God while celebrating with one another. We saw that Job was a not only a blessed man but also one of upmost integrity (blameless) that God Himself was very pleased with and proud of; though, he was placed under excruciating circumstances to which He remained consistent and persevered through faith in God by responding to His circumstances in praise and worship.  

Reflect: Can you think of a time period in your life where you were experiencing extreme circumstances that God was calling you to be consistent and persevere in? How did you respond to such circumstances that either helped or didn’t help your obedience towards God? What ways are you choosing daily to remain consistent and persevering in your faith journey with the Lord?

Pray: God center me so that my faith in you may increase. Enable me to trust your Word despite what my current circumstances may display. Grant me the opportunities to remain consistent and persevere through all circumstances that life may bring in my faith walk with you. Please help me to choose you daily. In Jesus name, Amen.

-Today's Devotion was written by Terach Antoine, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries at Cedar Pointe Church.




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