Daily Devotion: September 17th 2021

Friday September 17th

Read: Genesis 22

Learn: Abraham had been promised by God that a great nation would eventually come from his line. Imagine the surprise of Abraham when God told him to kill and sacrifice his only son! But Abraham followed through anyway. Again, we see an example of faith over understanding. Abraham did not fully understand why God was telling him to sacrifice Isaac. It made no sense to him. But Abraham knew that God has the power to raise Isaac from the dead if need be. So, he pushed forward, doing exactly what God was telling him to do. This would end up being a foreshadowing of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Reflect: Do you have the faith to do what God tells you even when it seems contradictory to what you have already been promised?

Pray: God grant me the faith to follow your direction even when it seems to contradict your promises. Help me to trust in your word, no matter what happens. Give me the wisdom and discernment to make good choices, to choose your will over all else. In Jesus name, Amen.




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