Daily Devotion: October 14th 2021

Thursday October 14th

Read: Psalm 119:1-5

Learn: Much like Jesus at the sermon on the mount, here we learn of those who are blessed. Those who are blameless. It’s blamelessness through walking in the law of the Lord God. Those who keep his testimonies, or the things that God has done, they are the ones who seek him with their whole heart and do no wrong. Oh, that our ways may be steadfast in keeping his statutes and that we would seek God with our whole hearts. When the writer in Hebrews 12:1 says for us to run the race set before us with endurance, he is not suggesting we sprint. It is a slow, consistent pace with which we travel with the Lord. We are to run this race at such a pace in which we will not tire as we are running. We build our endurance as we run, we build our endurance as we spend time with the Lord, much like Jesus as he would frequently withdraw to lonely places and pray. We must set our pace matched with that of the Lord.

Reflect: Have you been running the race at your own pace, or perhaps sprinting at times and walking at others? What is the Lord calling you to as you seek Him intentionally with your time?

Pray: Lord, help me to run this race at your pace, alongside you where I may draw my strength and refreshment. Help me to seek you and your ways and that I would be steadfast in keeping your statutes.

-This devotion was written by Jake Wren, Youth Minister




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