Daily Devotion: September 30th 2021

Thursday September 30th

Read: Joshua 24:1-15

Learn: The book of Joshua was written by…. you guessed it, Joshua. It is an account of the Israelite conquest of the promised land, Canaan. Joshua led the Israelites to many great victories which he openly attributed to God’s power, yet still, many in the nation chose not to worship God, instead worshipping the false gods of their ancestors. In this passage we see Joshua gathering the nation, reminding them of who God is, and then he gave them the ultimatum, choose this day whom you will serve. Joshua spoke the words of God with boldness. He knew that many people would be upset at this ultimatum, but he did not shy away from the truth. In Matthew 26, Jesus said that a person cannot serve two masters. Today we may think we do not face the choice of serving God or serving false gods. But we do. We have the false gods of money, status, titles, careers, politics, and more. We have a choice to make. Will we be bold in choosing to serve God like Joshua, or will we bow down to the false gods of the world?

Reflect: Are there any false gods in your life that you are putting above the Lord? You have a choice, will you serve the one true God, or will you serve the things of this world? How do you think your life would change if you tore down false gods in your life, and committed all that you are to Jesus?

Pray: God, help me to let go of the false gods in my life. I know I need to be bold in serving you alone. You are the only one I want to serve. I commit my entire life, and all that I am to you. In Jesus name, Amen.




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