Daily Devotion: September 21st 2021

Tuesday September 21st

Read: Genesis 45

Learn: Joseph’s brothers had sold him into slavery many years before the events of Genesis 45. They were jealous of him and wanted to be rid of him. They lied to their father Jacob, also called Israel, and told him Joseph had been attacked by a wild animal and died. Through a series of incredible events, God used the evil done to Joseph for his own good, eventually making a way for him to be elevated to the second most powerful position in Egypt. When a famine came over the land, Egypt was saved by God through Joseph, who interpreted a dream of Pharaoh’s that warned of the famine. Joseph oversaw the preparations for the famine, saving food from the years that there were good harvests. Two years into the famine, Josephs brothers came to Egypt for food. Joseph could have sought revenge against them and imprisoned them permanently or put them to death. But instead, we see this scene in Genesis 45 where Joseph tells his brothers all that God has done in his life and offers to take care of them during the famine. He embraces his brothers, starting with Benjamin, who had been born after Joseph was sold into slavery. What an incredible moment that must have been! The chapter ends with Jacob realizing his son is truly alive and he is about to see him.

God moved greatly in Joseph’s life and turned around evil actions against him. In Genesis 45 we see the wisdom and mercy of Joseph as he refuses to take revenge on his brothers but instead embraces them. God made a way for Joseph to be reunited with his family, but if he had not been able to let go of his bitterness and hurt, this chapter would have ended much differently.

Reflect: Have you ever been deeply hurt by your spouse or a family member? What was your response to this hurt? Are you still holding onto the pain of the past? How do you think your life would change if you could let go and move on from your past pain?

Pray: God, thank you for always working on my behalf. I am grateful that even when evil is done against me, you can and will turn it around for my good. Help me to let go of past hurt done by those close to me. Help me to heal and forgive. In Jesus name, Amen.




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