Daily Devotion: October 8th 2021

Friday October 8th

Read: Mark 15:42-47

Learn: Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy man who is stated as one who was “waiting on the Kingdom of God.” This was a man who was a secret disciple of Jesus, being a member of the Jewish council that did not approve of the arrest and false accusations of Jesus. He must have been through a great deal of sorrow by the time we hear about him in this passage. He would have watched Jesus, whom he believed to be the Messiah, arrested, flogged, and crucified while he stood by. Now at this point all he can do is offer his tomb, a rich man’s tomb, for the body of Jesus to lay in. This took great faith, for in asking Pilate to give him the body of Jesus, he was revealing his belief in Him. Joseph was a man who was waiting on the Kingdom of God, now he would wait on the resurrection of Jesus, even if he didn’t fully realize what he was waiting on.

Reflect: How could a lifestyle that practices waiting on God radically alter your life? Do you think you would have faith like Joseph to do the right thing and serve God even when it put you at risk?

Pray: God, I want to have a lifestyle that prioritizes waiting on you. Give me the faith to wait on your timing and act whenever you call me to. In Jesus name, Amen.




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