Daily Devotion: September 15th 2021

Wednesday September 15th

Read: 1 Samuel 17

Learn: David was destined to be the future King of Israel. But even a bright future gets forgotten in the face of extreme difficulty. David wasn’t the biggest person, or even the most cunning warrior. But he was faithful. He believed deeply in the power of God. When all his fellow countrymen were cowering before the giant Goliath, he knew that he had to do something. God was stronger than this Philistine giant, he reasoned. By faith David faced this giant, without armor or training. He did what he knew. He took his sling and took down the obstacle in front of him.

Reflect: What are the giants you are facing in your life? Do you have faith that God can bring them down? Are you willing to act in that faith?

Pray: God give me the wisdom to recognize the giants in my life and give me the faith to face them. Help me to understand and know that there is no power greater than yours. Show me today the obstacle that you have already overcome. Show me your power and strengthen my faith. In Jesus name, Amen.




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